After Years of research the book is almost finished.

Mac and his Yellow Jacket Boats

The book will be a hardcover, coffee table style book, filled with many stories and photos about Richard A. McDerby (Mac), and his Yellow Jacket Boat Company. Some of the history, photos and stories have never been published before. Estimated size, 120+ pages.

Left to Right: John Miller, Roy Rogers and Mac McDerby

 As seen in the above photo, there will also be photos of Mac’s racing partner and Yellow Jacket Vice President, Roy Rogers. Photos of Yellow Jacket brochures, applied for patents and more will also be included. The estimated 150 page books will primarily be sold through this web site.


For those of you interested; Book update as of 6-13-14, there are now 8 chapters completed, (10 chapters will complete the book), 82 pages, 134 photos and 19,141 words.



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Marty Franz, Author and Publisher of “Mac and his Yellow Jacket Boats”.


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