Formally Marty’s Yellow Jacket boat of sold to Al in the summer of 2012


Please note that some pictures show Eloquent’s recent face lift…Also Eloquent’s

engine compartment has been updated.


Eloquent is a 1957 Yellow Jacket Coronado. She has a supercharged Fageol 44 that has

been bored out to 53cubic inches by the Fageol company as part of a promotion to Fageol

engine owners.


Eloquent was in the 2013 Tahoe South Shore Boat Show, where she won a 2nd in class and the Thunderbird Foundation Award, which was "The most unique boat of the show" out of 60 or 70 boats. A very big honor. Eloquent was also entered in the north shore show, The concourse d' Elegance, where she won 2nd in class. Eloquent was in a class of 7 boats.




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