Bobís Yellow Jacket




This is the story of my boat.  It is a 1955 Capri with a 1957 Mercury Mark 75 "dock buster" motor...also known as the "tower of power".  The motor is 60hp and was the first inline 6-cylinder. It gets its dock buster name from the fact that it has no you need to know where you want to go, in forward or reverse, when you push the start button!  

The thing I like most about this boat is its originality.  It is also an all Mercury boat.  In addition to the motor, it has Mercury steering and even has steel Mercury gas tank clamps that grab the bottom of each tank.  There was never a windshield...I guess you are not supposed to put windshields on a "rocket".

The serial number is K9 7086. It is found on the keel just below the front edge of the front seat.

The trailer is the original Ajax made in Hazel Park, MI. It has some interesting unique features... the drop down parking stand and winch column.

The whole package was sold to by a Detroit dealer, Gil Schaefer, who was a featured Mercury and Yellow Jacket dealer who provided a lot of race support around MI and is shown in the YJ story in the Bob Speltz book. There is a brass badge on the transom with his name and address. 

It is a one owner boat that lived its entire life in Ontario.  It was put in storage in 1971 and left there until sold as part of the owners estate.  It is currently residing in Mt. Dora, FL, home of many really excellent vintage boats of all kinds and the very popular Sunnyland ACBS classic boat show the end of March each year.

My restoration focused mostly on the finish and mechanical work on the engine which runs like a top. I did a tremendous amount of cleaning trying not to disturb the original patina. I also put on a couple new coats of varnish.

This boat is 98% original. The only things I modified were the instruments and seat cushions... there were none. I wanted all of the instruments to be the same so I looked hard for the NOS pieces you see. I cut a teardrop out of mahogany and added it to the bottom of the dash to accommodate the compass. I have the correct bracket for a windshield but the boat looks so good without it, I'm holding off.


I was missing the original deck cleat. A fellow owner loaned me his and I had a new one made... looks great. The original Ajax trailer has seen very little improvement. I'm afraid new paint will make it look out of place. I have a restored Tee Nee but hate to break up this complete original package of boat, motor and trailer.









The following are before restoration.

yj2 copy

 yj3 copy


yj5 copy