Brian Irwin’s Yellow Jacket


Here are pictures of the 1958 Catalina I've restored. It took four years of fairly steady work, but I think it paid off. I used Pettit varnish, and applied 15 coats on the hull with 12 on the deck. I've rubbed out the finish as the pictures show. I applied three coats of Smith's CPES on the hull bottom, followed by six coats of hand-rubbed yellow Rustoleum! I prefer the glossy finish over matte. The interior was done by Bloomington Marine and Auto Trim in Bloomington, IN. It will be powered by a 1959 Evinrude upgraded to 40 h.p. I owe tremendous gratitude to Bruce C., who also had a Yellow Jacket which is featured here. Without his advice, it wouldn't look nearly as nice as it does.