Bruce’s Yellow Jacket





I found this boat at a nearby southern Indiana lake in the Spring of 2006.  It had been left in the garage when the owner sold his cottage.  Obviously he had not used it in some time.  The trailer had 1976 plates.  The boat was in very sound condition, but the finish had deteriorated to the point that it needed a complete refinishing.  The boat was completely stripped and refinished and relaunched in the spring of 2007.  The boat was sold to me as a 1957.  But I have learned that it is an earlier model.  In conversation with a former Yellow Jacket dealer at the Quincy Yellow Jacket Roundup, I now believe it to be one of the earlier Yellow Jacket models; perhaps a 1950 or 1951.  Unlike the later models, it has painted sides and has a metal Yellow Jacket logo where the newer boats have Yellow Jacket decal. I have only seen one other like it.  It was called a 1950 model.  I would appreciate any information on these early models.