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 new, 100% accurately reproduced, water-resistant, two-color vinyl 'Catalina' decals. See accompanying photo. These were painstakingly recreated from perhaps the last


 original 'Catalina' decal before restoration of my boat. Selling one pair (2) for $35. Contact me, Brian Irwin at"





Yellow Jacket Decals

Rare!!!! Hard to find!  Three color Yellow Jacket Boat Logo Vinyl Decals.  Made from 2-mil high performance vinyl for a professional look and maximum durability.

Make your old Yellow Jacket classic boat stand out with new vinyl logo decals.  Made with pride for the antique and classic boat enthusiast! 5.25" X 14.5" This offer is

for 1 set- 2 seperate logo's.  $75.00

Description: Logo-YellowJacket

Money order, cashier check, credit card via PayPal.
Shipping/Handling $8.00

Rob Ebbing
Quincy, IL




Pic Cyr has successfully had a Yellow Jacket windshield made from UPD  The cost was $465.00 plus shipping.

“This is a photo of Pic’s boat”.


  Please Help Shirley

  Hello, I have been read and looking at you web site and really enjoy it.  I have lived in Sherman, Texas all of me life and it the town next to where the Yellow Jacket Boat company is?  I say  is because the buildings are still standing and still has a business in them.  I have been doing some research trying too find out the years Roy Roger went down the Red River and also when he set a new World record in San Diego, California.  I think in the Spring of 1958 but I have not found the article in the old news papers yet.  The local news papers Pictures files have been destroyed over the years and I haven't been able to get a good picture of Roy boat "Trigger".  Roy's

  daughter Cheryl said she doesn't have a picture of the boat and they owned it for  years after Roy started racing the other Fiberglass glass boats.  I'm trying to get the information and a few pictures so I can write a article for the RR Museum and it will be placed in the Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Rogers Museum News Letter.  I am really enjoying your web site.  Would you know of anyone or where I might locate a Picture of Roy and his Yellow Jacket Boat "Trigger".  Their not  to many people around who know much about the boats or have pictures.  Thanks for your Web site and any information you might have.



 Shirley Duke

Re. the picture on this site of the LEE'S YJ, ("Bugsy"), that won the craftsman award---take a look at it: I found a company that makes the same plexi. windshield and the work is quite good. Ted Miller, a YJ owner in Boynton Beach Fla., has the brackets. They make a big difference to the lines of the boat. If interested please contact Jon…


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I have made a jig and successfully delivered a set of seat springs for Yellow jackets. Please contact me for information.

 Jim Rigney






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