Dave W.ís Yellow Jacket 1958 Riveria

Thanks to martyonline, this Yellow Jacket is ready to return to the rivers and lakes!

Marty gave me the lead on this boat early in 2012. Arrangements were made to pick

up and purchase the boat on May 12, 2012. It was completed on May 12, 2013, one

year later to the day! The boat was purchased in New Jersey and converted into a fishing

boat. The owner removed the original seats and replaced them with seats more convenient

for fishing. The boat was used for fishing and waterskiing until 1973, when it was put into storage.


The boat has a different paint scheme on the sides of the hull than standard, but the family says this

is the way they got it when new, so I kept the same theme. They still had the original seats so I was

able to have them upholstered and reinstalled. I also added lights and windshield.

Any questions or commits please contact Dave Wilson at: mailto:dswilson1@comcast.net