Freds Yellow Jacket

Hello Martin, By accident I found your web page. I'm thrilled to find out "Their are others out there". I started to think I was the only one. Anyway here's how I got my boat. I work for the Sheriff's Dept. and 6yr. ago my partner and I were out looking for an escapee. In one of the small towns we came across this ratty looking wooden boat. It looked like it was all original but well worn the interior was blue and white the price on the windshield was $1000.00 The next day I came back with my dad and his truck and struck a deal for $600.00 my dad thought I was''nuts" even at the price I bought it at. We hooked up the boat and started home. By the time we got on the highway leaves, pinecones, and parts are falling all over the highway. Now at this point I'm thinking this thing ain't gonna make it home, when all of a sudden a Ford van cuts in front of my father and we almost jacknife. So now me and my father start with our best four letter words totally forgetting my mother is in the back seat. The van is now slowing down and we see a little girl in the back window holding up a piece of paper with writing on it, my dad had to get up close for us to read it. It said " PULL OVER MY DAD WILL BUY YOUR BOAT FOR $1200.00 " MY DAD ALMOST HAS A HEART ATTACK!!. He can't believe it, make a quick $600.00 for a days work. But at this point even though I never heard of a Yellow Jacket or even owned a boat I know I just bought something special. I was tolded by the person I bought it off of I'm 3rd. owner it was originally purchased at "Coast Marine Winthrop Mass ". I did all the restoration work except the seats it's not the best I had to do the work outside in a parking lot next to my house during the winter. I had planned on selling my boat for a bigger fiberglass boat but I've met with a lot of resistance from my kids and wife! Well theirs more to the story but I'll stop here  I hope to hear from other  " Yellow Jacketters " who might be able to tell me more about my boat.

 Freds boat is a 1959 Yellow Jacket with a 35H.P. Evinrude outboard, the trailer is a 1959 TeeNee..... Fred say's that the original interior colors were "blue and white".



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