By James (Larry) Riley

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After moving from near New Orleans to Texas, about 40 miles from Denison I decided to see if I could find the Yellow Jacket factory. Here is what I found….


On this picture I have labeled a Bldg # 1 and a Bldg. # 2. The house in the foreground is the home of Mr. Troy McAlister, 709 Yellow Jacket Road, Denison, Texas. He bought the property in the late 60's and opened a cabinet shop in building #2 that is still in business (sons do the work now). The buildings between his home and Bldg #2 were added later. This image is "a picture of a picture" (you can see I couldn't keep all of the flash out of it) the picture was taken in the early 70's and was framed on Mr. McAlister's wall. If you look closely at Bldg. # 2, you can see the "two story loading well" that is mentioned in the picture below and a dock that extends out into a canal that ties into the Red River.



This addition to Bldg # 1 was torn down in the late 70's. Mr. McAlister told me that when he first got the property, Bldg. # 2 it was "full of boat parts" some of which he used in his cabinet making business (somewhere out there is a "Yellow Jacket" china hutch or kitchen cabinet). It seems that a Mr. Knickle married Mr. McAlister's, wife's, sister. Mr. Knickle was "the guy McDerby brought down from Canada to mold/glue the boats". Even though Mr. Knickle and Mr. McAlister's sister in law eventually divorced and he moved "up North", he still shows up for family reunions. I have asked Mr. McAlister to have Mr. Knickle call me the next time he sees him.

    Mr. McAlister does not own the property that Bldg. # 1 is on, according to him it now belongs to the County as the last owner wouldn't pay the taxes.