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In the spring of 2001 I will be 58 years old but my introduction to Yellow Jacket Boats was as a young pre-teen boy. My dad bought our first Yellow Jacket from a man who had recently bought it new. (See black & white photo ) It seems the proud new owner had hit some underwater debris and totaled out the boat. It was equipped with a Fageol VIP engine and was only 12 ft. long. It had only a front seat. Dad repaired the boat and we used it to fish and water ski. It was a beauty. Later my dad found another Yellow Jacket boat. It had the same VIP engine but was 14 ft. long. It had front and rear seats and was much better for fishing as we had more room to move around. Eventually he sold both boats. About six years ago I began my search for a VIP powered Yellow Jacket. I would have loved to have found the shorter 12 ft. model but am pleased with 1957 14 ft. I finally found. It was in pretty good condition(see photos)and turned out to be good purchase. Most of the decking material is original. We named the boat Tootsie. Both of the other boats my family owned had the same name. I am not sure how Dad came up with that name but I decided if it worked for him it would work for me. I expect to run into someone one day who says, My dad had a Yellow Jacket boat with the same name, and odds are it would be one I have seen before.

My 1957 Yellow Jacket boat with VIP Fageol engine is a Coronado Model that featured a upholster inboard hull and cockpit similar to the Fury model. It has Float-N-Ride seats and curved windshield. The hull specifications are: 61" Beam, 14' 11.5" Gunwale, 51" Transom and weighs approximately 250 lbs, less engine.

Fageol Engines: This cast four-cylinder block was originally a welded assembly known as a Cobra. The name originated from a process known as, Copper Braised. Lloyd Taylor of Taylor Engines Inc. designed the original engine in 1943, the year I was born. Later the engine was widely used by Powell Crosley Jr. in Crosley automobiles, military generator sets and other power unit applications. It also powered early model Mooney Mite airplanes. Later in the 1950's a Mr. Lou Fageol decided to adapt the engine to the marine world. The Fageol Marine Engines (see history page) were available in two different concepts. The V-Drive concept used the engine in a conventional horizontal position.(see color photo) The main output shaft pointed away from the boat transom and coupled to a v-drive assembly that provided a forward, neutral and reverse capability. Additionally, the v-drive assembly coupled to the propeller shaft. Steering was accomplished with a conventional steering wheel, tiller system. The VIP concept, Vertical Inboard Power, utilized the engine in a vertical position mounted on a ball arrangement allowing the engine to turn much like the outboard engines of today. The conventional lower unit is mounted to the engine on the bottom of the hull after the engine is installed. The engine specifications are: 44 Cubic Inch, 4 Cylinder Cast Block, 30 HP @ 5500 rpm and 25.2 HP2 4200 rpm. Fuel consumption: 1.6 gallons per hour @ 4200 rpm. Additionally, Mr. Fageol made and outboard model that was similar to the VIP. It had the same block but the flywheel was on the top rather the bottom. This engine later became the Bearcat and eventually the Homelite. These were early entries in the 4-cycle outboard motor business. Today we have many 4-cycle outboard engines available in the marketplace but there was a long time none were available. If Lou is able to look down on us today he is probably saying, " I knew I was right all the time." If you have any questions send me an e-mail. Thank You, Jim: mailto:jseitz@gtcinternet.com








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