Lake Of The Ozarks 1957 Riviera

I was contacted by Matt B. to purchase his father’s YJ who passed away last year. Matt’s father, David, had started a complete restoration about 20 years ago and for whatever-the-reason, David had stopped the restoration process. Matt and his sister, Elizabeth, were very adamant, they wanted the 57 Riviera to go to someone who appreciates Yellow Jacket boats and complete the restoration. Matt had said that this Yellow Jacket had always been stored indoors, I found the boat had never been varnished or painted since it left the factory. David, Matts father had pulled all the seats and completely striped the interior and deck of any finish. Matt had said the boat was almost never used even before David purchased it at an auction. I have to agree, very little use. The YJ came with a Mercury Mark 75E and a restored Little Dude trailer. Matt and his father, David, worked at Matt’s Grandpa’s Marina on Lake Of The Ozarks. Matt has also said that his Grandpa, Lloyd, was a driver with the Lake Of The Ozarks Water Ski Show and his Dad, David, also worked in the ski show in the mid 1950’s.

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Matt’s Grandpa Lloyd and Matt’s Father David


Matt’s Mother and Father at the marina

Matt left and I at Lake Of The Ozarks 3-22-18