Lake Of The Ozarks Ski Show 1955

 100% Yellow Jacket Boats

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My dad was a dealer for yellow jackets in the "50s' IN Lincoln, Ne.  I made several trips to Denison to pick up loads of boats.  Everyone has omitted one person who was very instrumental in the development and marketing of the boat.  That person was Lee Siebert of United Marine in Kansas City.  According to one of your letters another man designed the spring seat, but Mr. Siebert held the patten.  He sold his interest after some of the bloom was gone to Roy Rogers.  Who also paid royalties to Mr. Siebert.  When I was in the Lake of the Ozarks ski show we used the Yellow Jacket for the show boat. I was the driver and we had twin Mercs. for power.  The boat was modified some what by attaching additional spray rails because on turns the boat would bank too much almost putting the one engine out of water. Verne

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