Yellow Jacket Wood Boat Restoration & Maintenance

Striping off the varnish and the paint.

We used a orange base stripper that didn't have any odor, worked great. All you really needed was a sponge, water, scraper and time. Stripping, sanding and filling was done in our basement with patio door open.

Sanding the hull and filling holes.

We put on a two part polyurethane with a two part epoxy primer on the bottom and filled the holes with a two part epoxy glue. The boat was slung from the rafters in the basement so we could rotate the boat to it's sides without damage. We did the exterior one winter and the interior the next winter.

Cracks like these happen from normal use, they must be filled and sealed with the polyurethane. Once a year, at the beginning of the season, we go over the boat filling the cracks, sanding the dents and scratches, and applying at least one (bepends how anxious we are) coat of polyurethane over the entire boat inside and out. This year we are trying a sealent and adhesive caulk for the cracks. The bottom has not required any rework in three seasons sence application, and has proved to be quite durrable.


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